Good Jeans


I’m probably one of the only people I know who actually doesn’t like wearing jeans. Especially in Florida, jeans are just too hot and I wasn’t allowed to wear them to school so I just never wore them. After going to school in Chicago and reporting on guys wearing jeans for College Fashionista, I realized jeans aren’t so bad. They come in different colors and fits and I finally came around to wearing them more often.

Jean shorts, like the ones I’m wearing here and a great summer alternative because I don’t die of a heat stroke the minute I put them on. I’ve been seeing a lot denim on denim looks this spring/summer so I figured I would try it. I love how it has a pattern and some more faded areas, like blue jeans do.

good jeans 2

The Henley style shirt is a sale item from Lucky. Lucky isn’t my usual spot but they always have good sale items. The Zara shorts were an impulse buy last summer, I thought I needed to add something different to my wardrobe. I actually wear them quite often and they’re so easy to throw on. The cuffed bottoms and fit make anyone’s legs look better. Be careful when wearing all denim outfits, you don’t want to look like too western. Just pick a wash that looks best on you, I prefer light-medium.


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