Yes to November

First of all, Happy Halloween everyone! I didn’t love that Halloween landed on a Tuesday this year, but I still got to celebrate last week. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays because not only can I dress up and eat candy corn by the gallon, it means I’m one step closer to my favorite month, November!

November is my favorite month for so many reasons, it’s both my birthday month and Thanksgiving. Both days are important for me to reflect on my year and think about everything that I’m grateful for and everything I’ve accomplished over the past twelve months. I’m feeling really good about some of the steps I’ve been taking and I’m embracing November as much as possible to keep the good vibes coming.

I’ve found a lot of creativity in a new business venture, I’ve gotten really disciplined with my diet and exercise (something that is always a challenge for me), and lastly, I’ve been able to devote time to this website and I love seeing the results of my hard work. I think a lot of these victories have to do with taking on a “yes” and “can do” approach to new opportunities. I’ve realized that inner confidence is the best tool when it comes to finding and doing what you enjoy.

To celebrate this exciting time and the fact that I’ll be turning 24 this month, I’m heading to New York over the Thanksgiving holiday. I haven’t been in the city in a while so I’m excited to see what’s changed and explore with good friends. Any suggestions are welcome too!

Travel updates, gift guides and more are coming your way! Thank you again for the continuous support and kind words. It’s not going unnoticed. Enjoy the final moments of October and let’s say YES to November and whatever is coming our way, shall we?


Photography: Callie Craig