Time after Time

The holiday season might not be kicking into high gear for a few more weeks, but I’ve already got them on the brain. No, I’m not just thinking of my wish list or my busy travel plans, I’ve been thinking about the lessons that the holidays teaches us. If you’ve been keeping up with my posts regularly, you know I’ve been reflecting a lot lately. It recently came to me that my newest revelation reminds me of the classic tale, A Christmas Carol.

As you know, Scrooge experiences scenarios of the past, present and future all highlighting that his behavior needed a drastic overhaul. I’m not comparing myself to Scrooge but I’m realizing the value of each time of life. I’ve been so preoccupied with both the past and the future, that I’ve fallen victim to forgetting to live in the present.

The past is indeed a part of what makes us, us, but it’s not everything. My new outlook is to take the past at face value. It’s set in stone, and I have to accept that. It’s easy for me to say “everything happens for reason” (because I believe that) but it’s harder for me to not spiral into wishing I made a different decision. The best solution to looking at the past in a better way, is to embrace the present.

My greatest challenge has always been just being in the now. I’m seeing however that the challenge can be overcome when I’m really enjoying what I’m doing. I know that resetting and just slowing down has greatly improved overcoming that obstacle. I’m getting better, but it’s not easy. It’s improving the way I  think about the future too.

Where it’s been hard for me to think about the present, it’s almost been too easy for me to think about the future. The big picture should be considered, but like the past, it’s shouldn’t take over your entire way of thinking. The future can seem scary, look bright, but mostly, it’s unknown. I continue to remind myself of that in times of worry. This isn’t That’s So Raven, I can’t predict the future or read minds, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I used to feel a perpetual need to set a deadline (in work, in dating, in general) and I’ve realized those kind of expectations come with too much pressure and disappointment.

Finding a place of peace in accepting the past, living in the present and taking deliberate small steps forward the future is what time should be about. I hope that putting time into this perceptive makes the holidays more enjoyable and less overwhelming, as we finish out 2017 and begin again in only a few short months. It’s time we think about time more productively!