Scarf it Down

It’s fall, and another scarf post is just what you need, right? Right! Sharing this look today featuring my favorite scarf of all time from Burberry! It’s my hands down favorite, not only because it’s beautiful and classic but because of the sentiment behind it.


This is actually this first real clothing “purchase” I  made myself. My local mall had just gotten a Burberry store and at the time, it was like Heaven had just decided to open a little pop-up shop of what life could be like, courtesy of the fashion gods. I  had saved up my money and knew that I  had to have needed a Burberry item, and fast! Even though Tampa generally doesn’t warrant a winter accessory purchase, this scarf stood out and needed to come home with me. It used the classic print, but was more unique because of texture created by the wool and cashmere blend.

My parents helped me get over the big price hump by saying I’d have it forever, so far, that’s true. This scarf has gone through middle school, lived abroad and embraced five Chicago winters and counting. Sometimes I use a piece like this as the focus and build an outfit around it. Luckily it’s neutral enough to go with everything but a recognizable print that gives it that “statement piece” quality.


More scarves and layered looks to come as temperatures drop! Excited to share more looks and posts as next week brings on travel, holidays and my birthday!

Happy Friday,