Jack of all Trades

For someone who isn’t into face masks, eye creams, or other grooming trends, the one consistent place I put my effort into is my hair. After looking at the insta-story I  posted, recapping my favorite looks of 2017, I  noticed that my hair looks completely different as I  went through each month. Short, long, blonde, chestnut brown, and pretty much every shade in between, I’ve always loved the power of changing your hair. Whether cut or color, a new hairstyle can really change your overall look and instill new confidence when you need it most.  It’s safe to say that I  take my hair very seriously, and friends can attest that there’s a chance I’m texting them from the salon chair or mentioning that I’ve got an appointment coming up.



The guys over at American Reserve Clothing, a boutique in New York were gracious enough to send over some great hair products they carry from Jack Henry. When scrolling on Instagram, or watching Red Carpets like a hawk, I  think we all want our hair to look that effortless, with the least amount of product as possible, both girls and guys can attest to this.

What I’m loving about these two pomades is that they add shine, hold and dimension to my hair without needing anything else. Serums, sprays and gels are great, but with a pomade like this, you just need a little and it’ll go a long way.


The OG has a more matte finish, the clay, a more shiny finish! I apply it to my hair, damp, let it air dry, it’s that simple. For a guy, that’s what we’re looking for, right?

Give American Reserve a look for other great products and let’s hope my resolutions hold up as well as this pomade does. 😉

Happy Friday,