Grey Days

Ever since the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise hit the world, I  seriously cannot think of anything else when I’m wearing more than one grey piece in an outfit. This look is more two shades of grey, but I’m loving them both. Grey has always been and perhaps always be, the perfect neutral int the winter. It works perfectly with black, navy and works well with pops of color too.


I’m a creature of habit when it comes to shopping. A new piece either has the tags for months, until I’ve finally found the perfect time to wear it, or it’s being worn immediately and often. This Nordstrom sweater is the latter. It’s seriously coming in handy with Chicago’s ever changing weather patterns these days. The two textures break it up from being a classic cable knit sweater. The darker grey corduroy pants are another sale steal from Club Monaco. (Seriously, a place I cannot afford at full price EVER but when their larger sales hit, I’m the first in line)


The blueish grey works well against the lighter heather grey of the sweater and have a great fit. Wearing grey shouldn’t be reserved for sweatpants and athletic wear, it can be just as chic as black or any other monochromatic look.