Spring Forward, Fall Back

Spring Forward, Fall Back

As I mentioned earlier this month, spring is all supposed to be all about rebirth and having that awakening that would cure me of that funk February put me in. The month of March is almost over and let’s just say… I’m still in need of that cure.

We recently just experienced Daylight Savings Time and the saying goes “Spring Forward, Fall Back.” I’ve come to realize that’s basically the way I’ve been feeling recently…. falling back while trying to spring forward. I keep asking myself, how can I  stop falling… and the simple answer is… I can’t. Falling is a part of the process.

Embracing this mantra has really come to help me succeed professionally. Over the past year, I “fell” so many times as I struggled to find meaning and purpose in a job that wasn’t working for me. It was finally when I  fell the hardest that I started to spring forward and find a new path.

Now that I’ve gained great professional security, the other component of this is social security of course. (The harder of the two) I  find it so much harder to accept the falls that will come with making new connections, friends and dating. For anyone else who has had difficulties in similar areas, just know that sometimes falling only means you have another chance to get right back up.

Right now I’m feeling a little like I can’t get up, and quite frankly, like I don’t really want to, when it comes to social media. I’ve touched on this topic before but it can never be said enough. I’ve noticed myself withdrawing from posting and viewing Instagram as much because it’s all becoming too much! The constant oversharing, the daily night cream posts, the templates on your favorite things, I’m loosing my mind!

With a place like Instagram, it feels like there’s a lot of noice, but no one’s really talking. I’m working to step back on the daily mind suck of perfection I’m seeing online and focusing on the voice within to spring forward these next few months. I’ve been reminded recently that posts like these are helpful for others just as they are for myself so as always, thanks for reading along!

Life is too short to live in inauthentically, falls are going to happen, it’s about how we get up that helps us spring forward.


Spring Awakening

Spring Awakening

What a month February was…. the shortest month always feels the longest right? These monthly “check ins” on 2018 are equally rewarding and frustrating at the same time. It’s always a good idea to check in on yourself and your goals, but when they’re not going your way, it’s not so fun.

February was a month full of work, work, and more work. Just like a new semester of college, the first few weeks of a new job are seriously exhausting! I’m thrilled to say that my new job is challenging and creative, something I’ve wanted for a very long time. The balance of work and play is always more difficult for me. With longer hours, I’ve definitely made plenty of excuses when it comes to other lifestyle goals.

In true hibernation fashion, crime shows and carbs have become my new best friends. I’ve told myself that this March, I’ve got to shed some layers, and I’m not just talking about wearing less wool. Refocusing my diet, exercise plan and nightly routine are major chores, but a spring awakening might be just what the doctor ordered to turn that February rut on its head.

Just when I’ve been feeling low and a bit defeated, a close friend recently reminded me of how far I’ve come in work and in life. Support from friends is seriously underrated during times like these. Even though it’s not easy to take a compliment sometimes, it’s necessary to keep everything into perspective, because you’re only seeing one side of the story when you’re the narrator. My advice as we enter a new season (finally) is to listen when you’re being praised, whether big or small! It can be that little light you need at the end of the tunnel when it’s feeling pretty dark.

Spring is going to be about taking those positive affirmations and turning them into inspiration for new goals! Let’s hope as the season changes, our outlooks do too!

Happy March,


Much Love

Much Love

Valentine’s Day is perhaps one of the most bitter sweet holidays. It’s full of chocolate, mushy love poems and for some, a large reminder of your state of being single. As someone who…. has never had a Valentine on February 14th, you’d think I’d be annoyed on a day that’s marketed toward couples. On the contrary, I LOVE Valentine’s Day.

It used to be a family tradition to have a Valentine’s Dinner, full of cookie cakes and pink and red gifts, making sure we always felt loved. In a time where it seems like we need love most, I’m a huge supporter of Valentine’s Day. I  take the day to embody a loving attitude and give extra appreciation towards those who love me. Sending valentines to friends and treating myself to some extra chocolate is never a bad idea!

I wanted to take today to share my appreciation and love towards everyone who supports and reads this blog! I  was extremely hesitant to return to blogging but with so many people giving me support and love, it’s been a rewarding process. I’ve learned that life is truly so much better when you love what you’re doing.

Speaking of which, this shot is actually from my new job, a place I  feel I can put my passion to work and another new love of mine. I  hope to continue this trend of new loves and loving the day to day! So whether you’re taking today to celebrate the love of your life, or the love in your life, make it count!

Much love and Happy Valentine’s Day,


PS- I’m also in love with this turtleneck, which is only $15 at H&M

Photo: Jenny Connors

Balloon: Paris312


Social Studies

Social Studies

School is session today here on Witt&Style, and the lesson: Social Studies 101. I’m not talking about the blend of history, geography and sociology, I’m talking about that necessary evil little friend of ours, Social Media.

I use that phrase “necessary evil” with the best intentions, because let’s face it, the chances you got to this page is because I’ve shared it on a social media platform are extremely high. I think that I can speak for most of us when I  say social media has been both a blessing and a curse since it’s entered our lives.

For me, I’m starting to build a career out off primarily social media work, and that’s largely because for the most part, I  love its power to remain personal and creative at its core. Instagram will always be an evolving canvas that I  can curate while interacting with new friends and followers on a daily basis. But what about when I’m not “working” with social media? Sometimes, it can feel like it’s working against me.

What do I mean by that? To put it frankly, at times social media makes me feel straight up insecure. Words like lonely, ugly, fat, failure, not good enough, and unworthy all come to mind. I  know that sounds harsh but the first step in addressing a monster is to call it right out into the open. But how did it get that way?

While watching the world present its “best self”, it’s incredibly difficult to not feel like what you’ve got going on just simply isn’t enough. By associating a number of followers or likes as a measurement of validation is only making the problem worse. I’ll admit that I  too can get wrapped up in the “game of likes” as I say, and it’s because validation from others and strangers is often the best medicine for a perfectionist like me.

If I’ve learned anything from working in social media, I’ve realized that the best way to handle all of those feelings is to remember one simple fact, IT’S JUST INSTAGRAM! As much as it may seem all consuming, it’s only a small part of my life. My friend and I  always joke that Instagram could be gone tomorrow; every selfie, brunch photo and moment you’ve captured and all those likes that you’ve bent over backwards to get could vanish, and then what? Life goes on!

It’s just a photo, it’s just another male model with <7% body fat (which is fantastic for them, I just like french fries too much), and it’s just someone else’s experience, so what? I’m not any less of a person because I don’t have the same things someone on my Instagram feed has. Going out and making my own experiences, and sharing them, (or not) is completely my choice. Knowing this and remembering all the reasons why I love it are why I  stick around. It’s so important to be self aware with social media, because I    can control what I’m looking at and how I react.

I’m also going to mention one fact to keep in mind with social media, Instagram in particular. The next time you’re feeling down because of likes and followers, know that a lot of it is out of your control. The algorithm keeps changing, making it harder to get as many eyeballs on your content than ever before. As someone who has worked with influencers both big and small through work, a lot of people purchase followers. You’re not any less of a creator or user than they are because they have the “swipe up” feature. Looks and numbers can be deceiving.

Because I work in the industry and also maintain my personal accounts, it can be A LOT, so making sure I  balance screen time with real time is something I’m working on this year, and if you’re in a similar boat, I’d advise the same. Writing this blog and tapping into other creative avenues has helped me realize that those insecurities from social media are fast and fleeting. Literally, they’re as fast as it takes me two swipe down to the next photo on my feed. 😉 So let’s remember that social media is a tool, an outlet and doesn’t define ourselves or our worth. Instagram shouldn’t scare us from living our own lives out of fear that we’re not good enough, because we are!

Thanks for reading,











The Year Ahead

The Year Ahead

Oh My My My, (seriously, cannot get enough of this Troye Sivan song) how is it already the last full week of January?! Is time ever going to slow down… guess not? I figured with this first month of 2018 coming to a close, it’d be nice to check in on how those resolutions I made for myself are going.

Those resolutions included living in the present, vulnerability and thinking about my career. They’re bigger picture resolutions but so far so good I’d say. This month has been busy, filling my work and social calendar and trying to get on even footing with the new year ahead.

Vulnerability and being present can be really difficult for me, as a perfectionist. It’s hard to not think big picture, or how one decision can lead to many more down the road, but I’m doing my absolute best to throw out that self written rule book. Especially in my relationships, both old and new. Everyone needs to let themselves off the hook every once and while, including myself. This goes for everyone out there dating too, considering that’s a whole other story for another day, but vulnerability is key with that too!

In work, I’ve been able to contribute to new projects and ideas that luckily have been implemented. Communication in your career is key and I’m learning that being your biggest advocate is the only way to succeed. Stand up for yourself, ask questions and make your voice heard.

In lighter resolutions, I’m still easing back into that “healthy lifestyle” I’m always saying I’ll start in the new year. *fingers crossed* I’ll be announcing a trip or two soon, my itch to travel is basically a rash at this point. (sorry for that visual)

2018 is looking pretty good so far! How are your resolutions going? Sticking to them or having a hard time keeping on track?

Here’s to the year ahead,


2018 Inspiration

2018 Inspiration

How is everyone’s 2018 going so far?…. cold, I’m assuming, but full of of optimism and positivity for what’s to come I hope! The January agenda often comes with an empty fridge, a closet purge and the dismantling your Christmas tree and other decorations. This year, while doing my annual sifting through the previous year’s cluster of old photos and keepsakes, I got inspired to catalog what’s inspiring me for 2018 in the form of a little mood board. One’s man trash is another man’s treasure, except in this case, I’m both men.

Here’s what inspiring me this year:

Travel: Perhaps it’s the 9 degrees talking but I’m already thinking about my next adventures, and I’m hoping for some tropical locations. My trip to the Bahamas last year was the perfect way to get inspired to photograph my colorful surroundings and I hope to do the same this year in another island oasis. I’ve enjoyed reading more travel magazines of late, especially Airbnb‘s, which features local stories from hosts and listings in various cities! It’s really well done.

Photography: I finally got a polaroid camera this Christmas which I’ve already been have having a lot of fun with! I’m excited to capture more in the moment photos and maybe even dabble more with black & white shots. I’ve also been loving the beauty of and simplicity of architectural photography.

Color: 2018’s color of the year is Ultraviolet and I’m curious to see how it’ll be worked into mainstream men’s fashion and home decor. Millennial pink is surely here to stay, but I’m happy to make room for another color or two, especially one so beautiful on it’s own.

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2018 should be about standing out, not blending in! Taking risks. Trying new things, with new people and in new places! What are you looking forward to most this year? What or who is inspiring you?



Start a Resolution

Start a Resolution

Allow me to be one of the first (of many) to give 2018 a warm welcome! What a year 2017 was, but just like that it’s over; in the past, perhaps a time you’ll look back at smile about, shake your head or maybe even laugh at.

Regardless, it’s about being in the present and today is January 1, 2018. With that being said, that means resolutions are here and ready to be started.(and hopefully finished) As I get older, it’s becoming more apparent that every year I’ll tell myself to get back on a diet, purge my closet, save more money, or make the decree of “new year, new me.” While those classic resolutions never get old, I’m focusing on resolutions that reflect a change from within as I enter 2018.

Living for Now: As I wave 2017 goodbye, it’s time to let go of any resentment, annoyances or self doubt that festered last year. Dwelling on what could have or should have been, is no way to start this exciting new chapter.

Vulnerability: I touched on this last week but it’s truly a time to allow myself to welcome new experiences and people into my life, and ultimately be more vulnerable. As creatures of habit, I think young adults are generally afraid of failure and stepping out of their comfort zones. It’s my mission to start making changes and accept that in order to get to the next step, I’m going to have to show some vulnerability. Whether it’s in work, or dating and relationships (SOS!) it’s the only way to see what’s out there.

Thinking Career not Work: As I continue navigating and searching for my ideal career, it’s an amazing time to devote a more consistent and through effort to the cause! My advice is to hold yourself accountable when it comes what you want out of your career because it is what you make it! The less we think about it like a chore, the easily it’ll be to find what you want.

Resolutions like these have no deadline, and they shouldn’t. It’s about how to better each day moving forward, without a timeline or countdown clock. I wish everyone nothing but positivity and success while trying to achieving your 2018 goals. I hope to write some success stories on here along the way with mine. I’d love to hear your resolutions too!

Nothing but the best for 2018,