The Year Ahead

The Year Ahead

Oh My My My, (seriously, cannot get enough of this Troye Sivan song) how is it already the last full week of January?! Is time ever going to slow down… guess not? I figured with this first month of 2018 coming to a close, it’d be nice to check in on how those resolutions I made for myself are going.

Those resolutions included living in the present, vulnerability and thinking about my career. They’re bigger picture resolutions but so far so good I’d say. This month has been busy, filling my work and social calendar and trying to get on even footing with the new year ahead.

Vulnerability and being present can be really difficult for me, as a perfectionist. It’s hard to not think big picture, or how one decision can lead to many more down the road, but I’m doing my absolute best to throw out that self written rule book. Especially in my relationships, both old and new. Everyone needs to let themselves off the hook every once and while, including myself. This goes for everyone out there dating too, considering that’s a whole other story for another day, but vulnerability is key with that too!

In work, I’ve been able to contribute to new projects and ideas that luckily have been implemented. Communication in your career is key and I’m learning that being your biggest advocate is the only way to succeed. Stand up for yourself, ask questions and make your voice heard.

In lighter resolutions, I’m still easing back into that “healthy lifestyle” I’m always saying I’ll start in the new year. *fingers crossed* I’ll be announcing a trip or two soon, my itch to travel is basically a rash at this point. (sorry for that visual)

2018 is looking pretty good so far! How are your resolutions going? Sticking to them or having a hard time keeping on track?

Here’s to the year ahead,


Jack of all Trades

Jack of all Trades

For someone who isn’t into face masks, eye creams, or other grooming trends, the one consistent place I put my effort into is my hair. After looking at the insta-story I  posted, recapping my favorite looks of 2017, I  noticed that my hair looks completely different as I  went through each month. Short, long, blonde, chestnut brown, and pretty much every shade in between, I’ve always loved the power of changing your hair. Whether cut or color, a new hairstyle can really change your overall look and instill new confidence when you need it most.  It’s safe to say that I  take my hair very seriously, and friends can attest that there’s a chance I’m texting them from the salon chair or mentioning that I’ve got an appointment coming up.



The guys over at American Reserve Clothing, a boutique in New York were gracious enough to send over some great hair products they carry from Jack Henry. When scrolling on Instagram, or watching Red Carpets like a hawk, I  think we all want our hair to look that effortless, with the least amount of product as possible, both girls and guys can attest to this.

What I’m loving about these two pomades is that they add shine, hold and dimension to my hair without needing anything else. Serums, sprays and gels are great, but with a pomade like this, you just need a little and it’ll go a long way.


The OG has a more matte finish, the clay, a more shiny finish! I apply it to my hair, damp, let it air dry, it’s that simple. For a guy, that’s what we’re looking for, right?

Give American Reserve a look for other great products and let’s hope my resolutions hold up as well as this pomade does. 😉

Happy Friday,



Take Flight in Aviate

Take Flight in Aviate

Like many of you, travel is a big part of my life. I’m either looking for my next dream destination online or already sitting at the airport, deciding whether I’m going to eat Chili’s Too or if I’ll be dropping a small fortune on tabloids before boarding my flight.

Travel wear has seen its share of changes over the years. The original travelers dressed to the nines, even in coach class, but then came an acceptable norm to look like you rolled right out of bed. I’ve stared to notice that now we’re somewhere in between, with athleisure looks looking less slovenly. I myself have been known to wear jeans and Chelsea boots as I stroll through TSA precheck. So how can you be comfortable, somewhat stylish and look ready to fly? With an easy and travel friendly accessory.


I recently found Aviate, a unique cap company dedicated to share your travel endeavors with simple yet fashion forward hats. Today I’m wearing their Chicago model, ORD, which represents the three letter code for Chicago O’Hare International Airport, one of the busiest airports in the country.

Loving the pop of color and how it shows pride for the city without spelling it out… in a more traditional sense that is. Choose your region and your go-to airport is more than likely available, custom orders can be made too!


Wearing this has already got me brainstorming on my next trip! Something tropical, out of country perhaps? Who knows, but like Aviate states, play hard, travel often, a motto I  can definitely get behind.


Photography: Callie Craig 

2018 Inspiration

2018 Inspiration

How is everyone’s 2018 going so far?…. cold, I’m assuming, but full of of optimism and positivity for what’s to come I hope! The January agenda often comes with an empty fridge, a closet purge and the dismantling your Christmas tree and other decorations. This year, while doing my annual sifting through the previous year’s cluster of old photos and keepsakes, I got inspired to catalog what’s inspiring me for 2018 in the form of a little mood board. One’s man trash is another man’s treasure, except in this case, I’m both men.

Here’s what inspiring me this year:

Travel: Perhaps it’s the 9 degrees talking but I’m already thinking about my next adventures, and I’m hoping for some tropical locations. My trip to the Bahamas last year was the perfect way to get inspired to photograph my colorful surroundings and I hope to do the same this year in another island oasis. I’ve enjoyed reading more travel magazines of late, especially Airbnb‘s, which features local stories from hosts and listings in various cities! It’s really well done.

Photography: I finally got a polaroid camera this Christmas which I’ve already been have having a lot of fun with! I’m excited to capture more in the moment photos and maybe even dabble more with black & white shots. I’ve also been loving the beauty of and simplicity of architectural photography.

Color: 2018’s color of the year is Ultraviolet and I’m curious to see how it’ll be worked into mainstream men’s fashion and home decor. Millennial pink is surely here to stay, but I’m happy to make room for another color or two, especially one so beautiful on it’s own.

Processed with VSCO with e1 preset

2018 should be about standing out, not blending in! Taking risks. Trying new things, with new people and in new places! What are you looking forward to most this year? What or who is inspiring you?



Start a Resolution

Start a Resolution

Allow me to be one of the first (of many) to give 2018 a warm welcome! What a year 2017 was, but just like that it’s over; in the past, perhaps a time you’ll look back at smile about, shake your head or maybe even laugh at.

Regardless, it’s about being in the present and today is January 1, 2018. With that being said, that means resolutions are here and ready to be started.(and hopefully finished) As I get older, it’s becoming more apparent that every year I’ll tell myself to get back on a diet, purge my closet, save more money, or make the decree of “new year, new me.” While those classic resolutions never get old, I’m focusing on resolutions that reflect a change from within as I enter 2018.

Living for Now: As I wave 2017 goodbye, it’s time to let go of any resentment, annoyances or self doubt that festered last year. Dwelling on what could have or should have been, is no way to start this exciting new chapter.

Vulnerability: I touched on this last week but it’s truly a time to allow myself to welcome new experiences and people into my life, and ultimately be more vulnerable. As creatures of habit, I think young adults are generally afraid of failure and stepping out of their comfort zones. It’s my mission to start making changes and accept that in order to get to the next step, I’m going to have to show some vulnerability. Whether it’s in work, or dating and relationships (SOS!) it’s the only way to see what’s out there.

Thinking Career not Work: As I continue navigating and searching for my ideal career, it’s an amazing time to devote a more consistent and through effort to the cause! My advice is to hold yourself accountable when it comes what you want out of your career because it is what you make it! The less we think about it like a chore, the easily it’ll be to find what you want.

Resolutions like these have no deadline, and they shouldn’t. It’s about how to better each day moving forward, without a timeline or countdown clock. I wish everyone nothing but positivity and success while trying to achieving your 2018 goals. I hope to write some success stories on here along the way with mine. I’d love to hear your resolutions too!

Nothing but the best for 2018,


New Year, New Mindset

New Year, New Mindset

First and foremost, I hope everyone has had a fantastic and relaxing holiday season with friends and family! It’s been about a week since my last post due to lots of travel and festivities in between. Reconnecting with old friends from high school and then having some downtime with my family and dogs was just what I  needed as 2017 makes it’s final decent and we land in 2018. (Speaking in airplane as I’ve been on five flights in the past week) Anyway, all the downtime has been fantastic and I’ve got a really clear head when it comes to how this year played out and how I want to start 2018.

A year of self improvement and realization. If you’ve been following along here or know me personally, you’ll know that this year I’ve been focusing on improving myself, in hopes of improving the world around me. I made a career change in the fall, a decision I didn’t take lightly, but knew I needed to make in order to, in all honesty, get my life back. I’ve always believed and assumed everyone should be on the traditional career path out of school but after being in this new place, of uncertainty and unhappiness, I’ve been served a healthy dose of reality. I’ve realized how difficult it is to find EXACTLY what you want to do, and if it’s not in the traditional sense or timeline, than so be it. The uphill climb to your dream job isn’t going to be accomplished by your 24th birthday, and I’m okay with that now.

With time for my passions back on the table, I’ve been so grateful to have this blog as a creative outlet. Both friends and new followers alike continue to support my writing, photos and all other endeavors. I  know it’s a crowded market, and I’m sure seeing my face every few days on Instagram can get old, (imagine, I see this face everyday, I understand) but for everyone who reads and follows along with me, thank you!

I’m taking this time to think about how to carry out these practices that I began using this year, and how to implement them into the new year. I just started reading a new book and it’s all about being vulnerable and leaning into change. Literally, I’m only a chapter in and this book GETS IT! I  know that my gut instinct is to embrace my strengths and hide from my weaknesses, but 2018 is as good a time as any to start embracing everything.

I’ll be sharing my 2018 resolutions here shortly (as all good bloggers do) and encourage everyone to not only think about what they want to do next year, but to congratulate yourself for what you did this year! A little pat on the back for surviving what you accomplished in 2017 never hurt anyone!

See you soon, 2018!


Photo by: Jenny Connors



Before I head to the sunshine state, (seriously, I’m counting down the hours) I  decided to share one more winter-y look and today it’s all about my love of burgundy. You’ve seen these pants before, but seriously I can’t get enough and it seems like they were a huge hit on Instagram, fielding many questions as to where I  got them. These dress pants are from J.Crew Factory and they’re becoming an easy favorite in my closet. A little upset I didn’t grab them in green too.


The last time I  really had to “dress up” for work, was actually back during my days in sales at J.Crew oddly enough, so I  usually feel like buying dress pants is a waste when I don’t have to wear them from 9-5. These have made me feel differently because although they are “dress pants” they can easily be thrown on with a sweater and still feel fresh. My burgundy puffer vest from Zara always is a great thrown on piece too. If you’re looking for an affordable puffer, try Uniqlo, which has a variety of colors.

Processed with VSCO with c7 preset

There’s something about wine colors and deep maroons that always look sharp and put tougher. It’s also the perfect color to wear from fall and into winter, especially if you’re not going to be ready Christmas red during the holidays, which isn’t always the most fashionable or flattering.

Looking forward to sharing some holiday photos, inspiration and last looks as 2018 gets closer.