Turtle Time

Turtle Time

If you can’t tell by my face in this photo, I’m OVER it, and by it, I  mean the fact that it’s back to snow flurries and decimal temps in Chicago. At this point, 3 layers, daily uber rides and a winter coat are all necessary to survive.

Another necessity this season for me has been turtlenecks. There are a few pieces I used to shy away from and turtlenecks were one of them. I  always felt like they looked better on slimmer frames, and as someone who is…. not slim, the idea of having something more body hugging and high at the collar seemed like a bad idea. As the temperatures have dipped, I’ve gotten over that and embraced them as a great alternative to the sweater and button up combo.


The loophole with turtlenecks is to find one that’s made of a comfortable material with a lower neckline! I refuse to wear an itchy wool turtleneck because all I’ll want to do is get home and rip it off. Mine is from H&M and has a shorter neck, making it a little more breathable.

Paired with a toggle coat of the same color (from TopMan), gives me a sleek and monochromatic look. Throw on a scarf in your favorite color or pattern to break it up if you’d like! Anyone loving turtlenecks this year, I feel like I’ve been seeing more of them this season than last winter.

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Photos: Callie Craig 



Chicago Go-Tos

Chicago Go-Tos

For someone who enjoys traveling so much, coming home to Chicago is always an amazing feeling. As I  look out the window of my Uber, I always love being greeted by the skyline and know I’ve chosen a world-class city to call home. Between showing around out of town guests or receiving texts from friends asking for suggestions before coming into the Windy City, I  felt like it was time to chronicle my favorites over the past five years of living here.

Eat: If you’re coming to Chicago and you only have time to do one thing, it better be eat! I’ve been to some amazing places around the world with great food and Chicago is honestly my favorite food city. Some of my top picks include:


Willow Room for Brunch, RL Restaurant and Honey Butter Chicken for Lunch, and Little Goat Diner, Mott St. and Antique Taco for Dinner.

Restaurants here come and go, but the real winners stick around. Do you research first, or just come to me first. 😉

Drink: Chicago is also home to some spectacular cocktails and mixologist. Keep in mind a good drink is gonna cost you, depending on your location. The farther from the city center you go, the more affordable your drink will be. Think… $17 for the Grant Park view at Cindy’s or the $8 house punch at my favorite, The Whistler, in Wicker Park.


Other musts include The Broken Shaker (inside Freehand hotel), Billy Sunday in Logan Square, MoneyGun and Park & Field.

Do: You can never get bored here, another plus of the city. Even in its coldest months, there’s at least a handful of events or exhibits to check out. For a scenic views, try Field Museum, (featured pictured) the greenery around Garfield Park Observatory, or just walk around Lincoln Park Zoo!


For brunch and home inspiration, try Restoration Hardware and its 3 Arts Cafe.Shopping is just as good too, my personal favorites are UnaMae’s in Wicker Park, Festive Collective, and Gather Home+Lifestyle.


My absolute favorite part about Chicago is that it’s always changing. I’ve been here for five years and my list of new places to explore continues to grow! I’m always finding new murals to snap, bites to savor, or hidden gem bars in different neighborhoods.

Curious to hear what your favorite places in Chicago are, whether you’re a local or not! Comment them below if you’d like, just don’t forget to grab some Garret’s Chicago Mix on your next visit.