Shear(ling) Genius

Shear(ling) Genius

As we know by now, being almost the end of October, fall is in full force. That means everything is coated in pumpkin spice and that we’re just heading closer and closer to the holidays and the new year!

With all of the craziness going on, I finally had a chance to get my annual pumpkin patch trip in and took it as an opportunity to premiere a fall look. Albeit a bit dressy for the suburbs of Illinois, I  couldn’t help myself and decided to debut this shearling bomber that I recently found from Lacoste, via Macy’s.


I’m the last person on earth who needs another coat, much less a bomber, but this one was too good to leave. The shearling collar gave it an aviator vibe which I love. In order to feature the collar more, I decided to pair it with a brown turtleneck from Uniqlo.

My ASOS suede boots are another shade of this burnt brown and definitely are my new favorites for the season. To break it up, and not go with jeans, I  paired it with gray corduroys from Club Monaco. The result: perhaps one of my most fashion forward fall looks yet. Or maybe I’m just thinking that because I  looked so dressy for a pumpkin patch.

This fall I’m really trying to keep most of my looks 1-2 colors. Monochromatic moments usually look a little more stylish and in my opinion, put together. I’m excited to start dressing in more fall looks now that the we’re finally enjoying crisp air and the leaves changing.

Until the next look,


Hit the Target

Hit the Target

A couple of weeks ago I had the chance to partner with Target on a little collaboration, showcasing their new fall and winter pieces for men and today I finally have the time to talk a bit more about the overall look. 

First and foremost, who doesn’t love Target? Whether it’s the dollar spot, the cute office supplies, or just the rush of pushing around the giant red cart, there’s something for everyone. Truthfully, I’ve never been one to make Target a go to for fashion, but upon further looking at their updated brands, that may change.

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Before this collaboration, I had spotted their varsity bomber and fell in love. Such an easy and lightweight jacket that can be worn sporty or stylish and day to night. I decided to pair it with a lightweight turtleneck (that I’ve now bought in 2 other colors) to let the jacket be the focal piece of the look. With black jeans and white sneakers, the whole ensemble is just fresh and easy. Sometimes that’s all you need to look polished. 


I was really impressed with Target’s redesigned line and could see myself picking up some more pieces this season! As the temperature drops, you’ll be seeing more and more layers, but not before heading to Jamaica next week for a much needed birthday and Thanksgiving celebration. 

More details coming soon,



All photos by: Jenny Connors

Strike a Cord

Strike a Cord

We’re practically a week into November which means we’re in fall’s peak season. All the leaves have changed, the jack-o-lanterns and cobwebs have been put away, and we’re snowballing into Thanksgiving!


It seems like one of the biggest trends this year is corduroy. I  used to think corduroy’s were a bit too traditional, revered for that pair of pants I’d have to wear around the holidays as a kid. Times have changed, as they often do, as it seems like corduroy is everywhere for both men and women. Instead of adding corduroy back into my closet in that old traditional sense, I’ve added it through this easy button up at Uniqlo. It’s such an accessible layering piece, as much of Uniqlo’s pieces are, that I  bought it in three different colors. If something works, buy multiple options. I’ve linked it here!

I  loved how this deeper red color pops against my new favorite pair of fall jeans! These were a major steal, at only $19 at the Urban Outfitters Surplus. The striped detail is a trend that carried over from last. Having denim details make even the most simple of outfits a little bit more unique. Places like Urban or even ASOS hare great options for similar styles.


Looking forward to embracing fall styles with the proper weather to match, especially in these new pieces. Be on the lookout for more fall looks coming soon!






Red-y for Fall

Red-y for Fall

The Instagram feeds are clogged with pumpkins, the leaves are changing and Chicago went from 82 to 38 overnight, which only means one thing… fall is fully flourishing and I’ve been ready for it, or should I say… RED-y for it.


Red has never been my color, but I’m trying to change that this year. Just like those mustard tones from my recent posts, I’m experimenting with being bolder with red. The best way to do it is to just go for it, so pairing this Ben Sherman knit with my favorite crimson vintage letterman’s jacket made a bright statement.

The long sleeve knit was a sale piece I picked up in London, for just 18£ which is practically nothing by their standards. Long sleeve pieces like this are great placeholders before I have to bust out a sweater and scarf. 

The change in weather has inspired me to really start stepping out in style in this Fall, and I’m RED-y for it! Are you?


Dropping a Bomb(er)

Dropping a Bomb(er)

It starting to feel a lot like fall, and thank the LORD! Chicago isn’t exactly covered in fall foliage but a consistent drop in temperatures is at least allowing me to wear jeans and boots on the regular. With the new season in full effect, I’ve decided to try and elevate my fall looks more than I  have in year’s past.  Today’s outfit is truly the bomb… (bad pun) because it’s centered on one of my favorite bomber jackets.

CallieCraigWAS091818-65Sometimes I feel like I’m Karamo from Queer Eye with the amount of jackets and bombers I own and wear on a regular basis. This bomber, however, is perhaps them best of all of them. A birthday present to myself a few years back, this maroon jacket is the perfect piece to build a luxe fall look around.

Not only am I in love in the deep burgundy color, but the silky material that makes this $75 bomber look like it was triple the price. (God bless H&M sometimes) It’s one of those pieces that takes any look from good to great and this is no exception.


Usually I  wear this bomber for a nighttime event with dress pants and a dress shirt, but for a fall day to night look, I  paired it with a chambray button down and black denim. I’m loving the result. it

The best part of bomber jackets, especially one as sleek as this one, is that it can take any look and truly become a wow moment. Bringing it back to Karamo and the cast of Queer Eye, but truly they all know how to dress and have the perfect blend of chic daytime looks that I  hope to wear more in and outside of the office.

Here’s to making this fall my most stylish fall yet!




Mustard Must-haves

Mustard Must-haves

Summer is not my season. It’s always been to hot, too long and too busy for my liking. The minute the clock strikes fall, I’m immediately back at ease. For the remaining weeks of summer, I’ve been in such a style slump. Knowing my favorite clothing season has been around the corner has helped some.


Even though I haven’t been enjoying summer fashion as much, I’ve had the chance to start working towards this season. Color has always been the best place to start for me. This year I’m trying something different with my color choices. Usually I stray towards colors I  know look good on me (blues, greens and maroons) but not this year. I’ve noticed an uptick in mustard yellows, browns and even reds for fall and I’ve decided to hop on board.


Mustard, for starters, is a color I’d much easier see on a hotdog than on myself but I’ve been pleasantly surprised when I  paired it in this fall look. With my suede jacket (Zara makes a version of this jacket every year) and striped Topshop pant, similar here, it has the right amount of contrast.

Not all colors look good on everyone, (shoutout to Orange) but it’s always worth the effort in trying. In this case it was worth the payoff. I’m excited to share more fall looks and how I’ve been taking some color risks in my wardrobe this season.

Stay Tuned,


Back in the Habit

Back in the Habit

Hello, hello, hello, it’s been quite of while since I’ve actually had time to sit down and write a post, let alone create anything at all. Ever since my trip to Europe in July, it’s been a crazy summer of navigating balance and realizing the amount of work it takes to truly juggle it all.

When you really think about, being an adult is f***ing exhausting. You’ve got to work, pay your bills, maintain a social life, find time to date, (laughing at the thought) and be there for your closest friends and family. All the while, a consistent Instagram feed parading your successes is expected of all 20-somethings and whatever dollars are left in your bank account are probably going towards your overpriced workout routines and green juices to keep up to look like your favorite celebrity or Insta-model.

While I  could just sit here and continue to whine and bitch about how hard everything is, I’ve decided to take this time to approach the challenges that life brings, positively.  Personally, August was a bit of a challenge. When juggling so many plates, and feeling like they were all breaking, it was my close friends and family that reminded me of everything that I’ve accomplished. We are our toughest critics after all.

The question is, why has it always been harder to give ourselves a break when it comes to how we’re handling life. As I’ve listed above, there are so many elements we’ve got to balance. Instead of continuing to dwell on what we don’t have (yet) think about what you do have, or what you’ve already done! Have you overcome something in your personal life, professionally or physically that you’ve forgotten all together? Chances are you have, and chances are you need to remind yourself. It’s harder to that, but it’s much more rewarding.

Feeling sorry for yourself is something we all do, as a coping mechanism of sorts, but it seems to run rampant amongst everyone in their early 20s. After a while, it becomes a bit exhausting; to continue to complain, pity yourself and seek validation for in form of whining. My challenge for the rest of this year is to work on celebrating how far I’ve come and not focusing on how long the journey ahead might be.

Something I  enjoy about having this space is that it’s a place to take inventory on life and reflect on how to improve. My goal is continue to share my thoughts from both a stylish and personal experiences. I’ll be working to getting back in the habit of sharing those thoughts here.

Thank you for (continuing) to follow along,


Making Varsity

Making Varsity

Letterman jackets may have made a comeback in fashion a couple of years ago, but if you notice, they don’t seem to be going anywhere, a fact that I’m perfectly okay with. The reason I’m drawn to them, as is the case with many, is that letterman jackets give us that nostalgic feel. Whether you earned your own back in high school or are shopping for one after the fact, (like me) a varsity jacket automatically gives off that “cool” factor that most jackets don’t!


I picked up this jacket from my favorite shop in Chicago, Una Mae’s of Wicker Park, a while back and I could not be happier with that decision. Between the rich red color, the stitched lettering or the fact that this jacket is it impeccable shape for being almost 60 years old, it’s one of my best vintage finds. It feels like I’m wearing a little piece of history every time I put it on. I always think about the story of Roger and his football team when I wear it.

It could be my obsession with Riverdale, but channeling the classic look of a letterman jacket like Archie makes me believe that a varsity jacket is a necessary fall staple! Like a bomber jacket, it’s a great stand alone statement piece but also adds instant personal style to whatever you’re wearing.


Lots going on as I prepare for my birthday, Thanksgiving and New York next week!

Stay tuned,


Photos: Callie Craig 



A need for knits

A need for knits

If you’re in Chicago, you’re well aware the weather hasn’t been too kind lately. The bitter wind chill is making layering a necessity at this point. Although not always ideal, it’s time to embrace it. I’ve struggled in the past with figuring out how to go from summer t-shirt to a parka. This season, I’ve found a great solution, knitted tops. Part casual top, part knit the Banana Republic polo I’m wearing is a great go-to in these chillier months as long as it’s layered.


I  love this outlet find because it’s got a lot of detail compared to a regular polo. The shoulders and sides have a ribbed quality and it’s also got a little more weight to it, given in a light sweater feel. It’s been coming in handy as a first layer as the temperature drops.

Knits like this are great because they are a little more unique than the classic pique polo. Adding a textured element to a look adds dimension, especially when you’re trying to differentiate the look from something you’d wear in a warmer season. In olive green, it’s a great fall piece, mimicking the changing foliage and pairs perfectly with dark browns, navy, or gray. CallieCraigWAS102017-32

Sure, sweaters and pullovers are always great, but try mixing it up once in while! My top is no longer available on line, but try something like this instead. The devil is really in the details, and this polo has plenty! This is becoming one of my favorite throw-on pieces in the fall because it’s looks polished but doesn’t really requite much extra effort.

You’ll be seeing more sweaters and coats posted soon, as the mild fall days are numbered. Have a fantastic rest of your Monday!


Harvest & Entertain

Harvest & Entertain

It’s been established that fall is indeed in the air and I decided that the change in season needed to be celebrated with a proper dinner party. There is no better feeling than being able to get good company together over delicious food and a great cocktail, especially for festive occasions. The idea of hosting a quick pregame is one thing, it’s another beast entirely to think about producing an entire dinner party. I’ve broken down this fall party with my own tips and tricks.

Inspiration: Every great party needs to have a purpose and inspiration. The changing leaves, sweater weather and general charm of fall inspired this get-together. Inspiration  can be found everywhere. Pinterest, magazines, or Instagram are great places to start. I personally love to window-shop to find ideas for decorations and the menu.

Decoration: During that “pre-shop,” I stopped dead in my tracks over this wood server. It really brings the outdoors in, and will work perfectly moving into winter too. For this party, it’s a charcuterie board, (I’m starting to hoard them) but it’d be a great to hold candles or serve as a tray. I picked up these incredibly affordable oversized leaf-shaped placemats too just for a pop of color.

I believe all parties should have always blend high and low, or natural and handmade elements. Various shaped pumpkins from the pumpkin patch (a local grocery store will have them too) mixed with leaf garland are the perfect combination! The glitter garland is from my favorite local gift shop while the paper garland I made myself. Free decorations are sometimes the best! (scrapbook paper, black thread and craft glue) It doesn’t hurt to have some bragging rights with something handmade, especially if you’re like me and can’t guarantee you’re making every dish yourself.

Food and Drinks: Now for perhaps the most important part. I, like everyone I know, am a huge fan of charcuterie and cheese boards. Grab your favorite cheeses and try a couple new ones! I grabbed a truffle salami to add to my usual spread along with a pumpkin cranberry crisp cracker to keep in theme. Trader Joe’s will never not be my savior when it comes to a dinner party. Easy, affordable and great taste. For a main dish, gnocchi with their Autumn Harvest sauce, because… basic, why not? Au Gratin butternut squash and plenty of bread make up the rest. Consult a cocktail book for the perfect drink, I chose a Trader Joe’s recipe instead and it did not disappoint.


Have guests bring something– Even though I hate giving up control, let someone help. Ask guests to bring wine or a dessert. Put out an ice bucket so they can easily drop of their contribution when they walk in. Your wallet will thank you.

Invest in the essentials: A solid cheese board, great glassware and a nice tablecloth are key party staples that never go out of style.

Have fun: Sit back and revel in your hard work! You’ve cleaned, cooked, and served it all up, you deserve that glass of wine!

At the end of the day, the little details will pay off and you’ll be able to make new memories around a table you set yourself! Happy party planning!