Simon(on) Says…

Simon(on) Says…

It only took 2 months, but it’s starting to finally feel like summer in Chicago! With that being said, dressing for the office sometimes poses as a problem because the days of sweaters and light jackets are dwindling but I’ve still got to look professional.


I  was recently introduced to Beckett Simonon, a beautiful leather shoe company that makes quality leather dress shoes, boots and sneakers that can be worn year round. I    put together a summer work outfit that references summer but with a workplace twist.

I  love how the much detail was put into the shoes with the stitching and design that I  thought they’d be perfect with a khaki suit pant and then for a little pop, this tropical brown and purple floral print shirt. To make this more “summery” a matching bandana I  found in Atlanta pulled it all together. Classic on bottom, less traditional on top.

In terms of the shoes, they are seriously STUNNING. Even though some dress shoes scare me, for fear of me ruining them, they’ve been holding up and are extremely durable. For added comfort, an insole was included.


I’m wearing the Yates Oxford Broques which can be found on their site here.

I’m excited to wear these throughout summer and fall and can’t wait to check out what Beckett Simonon has in terms of boots later this year!

Hope everyone has a very happy Friday,

TW Baker




Blue Velvet

Blue Velvet

We’re officially one week into January and resolutions are still in play, the new season of The Bachelor has started (and I already despise all the girls) and I’m back with a new look post to start the year off stylish.

The start of a very long winter typically makes sweatpants and bulky sweater even more appealing than usual. I’m trying my best to make sure I  try to shy away from my tendencies and embrace dressy looks and try new options the season. This look is a great example of that. I’ve already welcomed turtlenecks with open arms, but now it’s about how to pull in other pieces like blazers to dress them up.


This navy velvet blazer is a such a show stopper in this winter look. Against my white turtleneck from Uniqlo is great for a day at work when you’re feeling a little fancy and even better for night out in the winter. Instead of going for the standard khakis or black pants, I  went for a cobalt blue color, to add an extra pop. A pair of printed pants would be another way to add texture to the look!

I  love this look because it’s just an easy way to elevate a rather easy winter ensemble. Anytime you add color, texture, or pattern, especially with basic pieces, it’s a win. Here’s to hoping our outfits and resolutions remain in tact as we get through the first month of the new year!


Suiting Up

Suiting Up

Mayday, mayday! Truly it’s a crisis that all May long I’ve been so swamped and haven’t had anytime to post. I figured it’s better late than never and I  finally have the time (and looks) to share some spring style!

In my line of work, wearing a suit everyday has never been and probably never will be a part of my requirements. With that said, I  always envied my dad for having the chance to wear a suit and tie each day. There’s something about a suit that says “I  run sh*t” and it’s an attitude I’ve started to adopt with more work confidence.


Since taking on more responsibility, I  figured a spring suit would be the perfect blend of business and casual. With a spring-summer suit, choosing khaki was a no brainer. Khaki suits work for this time of year because they can go with anything.

Need it for a wedding? Check. Need to use the blazer as a sport coat? Check. Need to have a pair of khakis on hand? Check. Although you can use these pieces separately for so many events, my goal is to try to wear it as a set the most. In this look, I’ve given it a springtime twist with a floral print from Zara. By choosing white sneakers and holding off on a tie, it feels more laid back.


The most important tip of all though has to be fit. Having a suit custom built just for you is definitely more of a splurge. This piece is from Banana Republic Factory and was 40% off, a deal I couldn’t refuse. (Pieces here and here, and discount is even better now) Upon trying it on in store, I  knew the blazer worked, but the pants needed some help. Investing in having the pants tailored was a must.

Suiting up requires you to invest in something that’s going to be used over and over again, that can be mixed and matched with a lot of your existing pieces and to wear with the best accessory of all, confidence!