Floral Fundamentals

Floral Fundamentals

In the words of Miranda Priestly… “Florals for spring…. groundbreaking.” An iconic line, but an accurate one none the less. But would it be spring without a post about floral prints…. not even close. If the trend isn’t broke, then don’t fix it, right?

Instead of going for my usual bright and cheery floral prints I’m leaning towards a darker and moodier option from Zara. Picked up at the end of the holiday season, I  was immediately drawn to this piece because it reminded me of a water color painting and also looked like a more luxe approach to a spring and summer staple.


I  always feel like Zara does a great job of making something look more expensive than it really is 😉 (that’s always the goal when I’m shopping) So instead of dropping a fortune at All Saints, this seemed like the perfect fit. As it’s been a colder spring anyway, this print transitions perfectly into the season.

With black jeans, it’s a great option for going out, but I’m excited to pair it with a bomber or blazer for a nice pop of color and pattern. Being from Zara, that means I’ve seen this top on others, and it honestly fits nicely on every body shape as it’s a bit loose.


Although floral prints might not be “groundbreaking” there is always a way to break new ground on how you approach a trend. For me, it’s taking a more dramatic route with a classic. I’m not sure about you, but I’m READY to start wearing spring clothes, it’s practically April, let’s get this season in bloom.


Express Yourself

Express Yourself

Last month I had the opportunity to work on a spring look for Express, and today I’m finally able to share a little bit more about the look. The timing of the partnership couldn’t have been better, as spring was finally making an appearance in Chicago and my closet was in desperate need of something new.

As mocked by Miranda Priestly, wearing florals for spring might not be “groundbreaking” but it certainly works for a reason. I loved this floral printed button down in the sage color since it felt more like a neutral and less bold print. The real pop of color was added with these dusty pink pants. The fit and material are great for summer, not too bulky but still put together enough for work. Other color choices are here.


Back in high school and the early days of college, I  was known for wearing bright colored pants. Hot pink, mustard yellow (why?), orange (also why?) and turquoise to name a few. Finding this softer option made me feel like a more mature version of myself. That’s one of the many reasons I love personal style, there is always room to evolve.

The shoes are my new summer favorites from Topman. A slip on loafer in a soft grey color, that go with pretty much everything I’m wearing this summer. A similar pair is here.

I loved the chance to come up with this look for Express and have another opportunity to work with them later this summer so stayed tuned for more. As June is winding down, my agenda in July is heating up. I’ve got a really big trip coming up and I’ll be sharing more about that too!

Stay tuned,


Leave it to Levi’s

Leave it to Levi’s

Happy June everyone! Before I  get started on today’s post, I  wanted to extend another thank you to everyone who read my Pride post that I  kicked off this month with last week. Being vulnerable regarding something so personal is not easy, but the texts and other messages I received were so kind and sweet. I plan to share more pieces like that going forward!


Back to today’s look, I’m leaving it up to Levi’s. A denim jacket is essentially necessary these days. Mine’s been snagged from Urban Outfitters on sale about 5 years ago, and it’s served me well since. The wash has always served me well and it paired perfectly with shades of sky blue for an easy spring to summer look.

This jacket isn’t exactly the newest piece in my closet, but denim jackets only improve with age. Adding something custom like a patch, or pin is a really fun way to give it new life. I  took that sentiment a little further by having mine embroidered. A local pop-up shop was doing custom embroidery and I decided to get a cheeky phrase “Fuck Off” put on the back collar. It’s easily rideable but a fun way to show off my, at times, feisty personality and really claim this jacket as my own.


The top is a light polk dot print from Club Monaco. A Club Monaco sale is honestly my secret weapon. The quality of the clothes is better than the average, but so are the prices, so just wait out and pounce when the sale is right! 😉 I picked up that shirt during their mid season sale months ago. To mix and match patterns, I  slipped on my favorite striped van-like shoes from Brooks Brothers, a pair I  grabbed in the fall. A similar pair is linked here. Pattern play is actually one of my favorite trends, especially in the summer, since it’s all about having fun and trying different colors. The khakis help break up the whole look.

I’m loving all the possibilities that this nicer weather is giving me in terms of my wardrobe. It’s warm enough for lighter fabrics, but cool enough to layer! Looking forward to sharing more summer looks this month!





Suiting Up

Suiting Up

Mayday, mayday! Truly it’s a crisis that all May long I’ve been so swamped and haven’t had anytime to post. I figured it’s better late than never and I  finally have the time (and looks) to share some spring style!

In my line of work, wearing a suit everyday has never been and probably never will be a part of my requirements. With that said, I  always envied my dad for having the chance to wear a suit and tie each day. There’s something about a suit that says “I  run sh*t” and it’s an attitude I’ve started to adopt with more work confidence.


Since taking on more responsibility, I  figured a spring suit would be the perfect blend of business and casual. With a spring-summer suit, choosing khaki was a no brainer. Khaki suits work for this time of year because they can go with anything.

Need it for a wedding? Check. Need to use the blazer as a sport coat? Check. Need to have a pair of khakis on hand? Check. Although you can use these pieces separately for so many events, my goal is to try to wear it as a set the most. In this look, I’ve given it a springtime twist with a floral print from Zara. By choosing white sneakers and holding off on a tie, it feels more laid back.


The most important tip of all though has to be fit. Having a suit custom built just for you is definitely more of a splurge. This piece is from Banana Republic Factory and was 40% off, a deal I couldn’t refuse. (Pieces here and here, and discount is even better now) Upon trying it on in store, I  knew the blazer worked, but the pants needed some help. Investing in having the pants tailored was a must.

Suiting up requires you to invest in something that’s going to be used over and over again, that can be mixed and matched with a lot of your existing pieces and to wear with the best accessory of all, confidence!


Flower Child

Flower Child

I know what you’re thinking… flowers for spring… groundbreaking. All joking aside, flowers do feel pretty groundbreaking, especially when it’s still snowing here in April. Again, I’ve got to manifest spring in my wardrobe in order to get in the spirit.

This shot was actually taken at Chicago’s Garfield Park Conservatory because it’s one of the only places in full of florals right now. Usually I’m wearing florals that are more Hawaiian inspired or pastel in nature. This past winter, I started investing in what I considered “winter florals”. That basically means the base of each print is darker, like black, navy or even this evergreen.

Processed with VSCO with e3 preset

I’ve found this approach to be a good one. I snagged three floral print tops from Zara over the holidays, on sale no less, that I’ve been able to hold onto all season long. I’m loving this new take on florals because it feels a bit more modern. Each print (you’ll see the others here soon) goes with everything from dark jeans to cords, and of course your summer shorts! I’ve found some great options here, here and here.

In city like Chicago, I’m made it my mission to make even the most trendy of prints or styles work for as long as possible, even florals. Think about longevity, the material, and how many pairings you can make with a floral print top. Hoping this style gets your spring wardrobe to blossom!


Spring It On

Spring It On

Have you ever wanted something to happen so badly that you’ll do just about anything to manifest it? That’s me with… everything spring this year! One of the only major downsides of being a Chicago resident is a never ending winter and this year is no exception. It feels like it’s never going to warm up.

Each year, around this time, I’ve had enough of the wool and gray sweaters. Overtime, I’ve developed the idea that if spring isn’t going to present itself, then I’ll have to. That means wearing more florals and color, to give the idea of spring. Spring is all about a mindset to me anyway.


Today’s look is a great transitional effort as it combines the layers that the temperatures require with the colors of the true spring season. Denim of course is a great place to start, as it really is adaptable to all season. My chambray shirt falls on the line of winter and spring, and when paired with a lighter colored dress pant, crosses over to spring.

Another spring staple is a great denim jacket, or in my case, this khaki one. I’ve had it for years and it never fails me. The color feels fresher but it doesn’t lose its ability to layer. Khaki is a great in-between camel and your summer whites. I’m also really trying to implement greens to get the feeling of spring, without looking like the Easter Bunny. (Not that I don’t love that look)

Let’s hope that this look, and more, will give the sun a hint to come out and play as I charge through a cold March and into April.




One of my favorite things about fashion and clothes, is that with each new step in life, comes a new stylish privilege. Moving to Chicago from Florida meant getting a new coat, snow boats, and other winter friendly items. With a new job, came the valid excuse to finally get a work bag or in my case a briefcase. Ever since I could drive, I wish that I could have a bag to house keys, phone, wallet, and other essentials that wasn’t a purse or high school backpack. In Chicago and in my travels, I’ve seen so many great bags, backpacks and briefcases out there that have given me serious bag envy. Today I’m “de-breifing” you on the best bags and where to find them.


Sometimes when you know a brand that kills it, it’s hard to go anywhere else. Fossil is that brand for me when it comes to leather! My bag(shown) is an older model but when it came time to find a work bag, I  only needed to check out Fossil! For your first work bag, black or dark leather is best. A lighter leather will eventually darker, keep that in mind! Similar style here. 


Back Packs:

I’m seriously loving the fact that backpacks are no longer just made for the hallways of high school with Jansport emblazoned on the back. Leather backpacks feel like they’re everywhere, and my favorites are from Coach.

Although I  don’t have a a leather backpack now, it’s on my fashion bucket list.


I  remember back in the 6th grade, walking past the TUMI store and seeing a backpack that I was ready to die for. $250 later, the bag was mine and lasted me 4 years. The point of this anecdote is that TUMI is a great place to look for a travel bag needs. Look for brands that either have a great warranty package, since travel bags are put through the ringer. Lululemon also has a great travel bag my friend recently turned me onto! Similar Style for Tumi. 


Customize your look by monogramming your bag or adding a tag (my friend gifted mine from Coach) which is a super fun way to add a personal touch to your bag or backpack! Many bag companies can monogram for you, but so can many local shops.

Alrighty, maybe that wasn’t a “brief” post, but it sure was helpful, right? Now you know what to grab next time you need a bag! Enjoy the first week of Spring, hopefully it’s warmer than mine is here in Chicago!