I’ve got a Blank Space, Baby

I’ve got a Blank Space, Baby

Living by yourself has a lot of positives, and perhaps for someone like me, it’s the sense of independence and ownership that I can take in my space that is the best part. Of course, one facet of that ownership is the look and feel of the space. For someone that has always loved decorating my room, trips to IKEA, and has moved dozens of times during my childhood, nailing the look on this apartment was really important to me. 

Even though I don’t own his apartment, I sure as hell treated it like so when it came to decorating. After 3 years in an older, smaller space, I was so excited to make one of my goals of 2019 to find a new home and make it 100% me. At this point of my life, I feel like a lot of us are starting to find our forever homes, cities, etc and are faced with an exciting yet stressful feeling, a BLANK SPACE. 

When I found this apartment, it truly was a blank canvas, and as someone with an art background, I know exactly how intimidating that can be. Once deciding on the space, I spent nights (it felt like every night) for months looking through books, catalogs, instagrams and pintrest to see what was out there. 

Ordering paint colors, pacing over a rug, and taking things in and out of my cart 500 times, was a really fun (and stressful) experience that I’ve been wanting to share for everyone who’s been buying a new place, decorating their first apartment, or trying to figure out budgeting and their own personal style. 


From Blank Space to Bright and Bold


I’ll be sharing a series of posts about my new home over the coming weeks, so keep following along as I  break it down as much as possible. I’ve learned through this process that home interior is more of a passion of mine that I even imagined. 

For now, I’ve included a few photos of my apartment but I’ll be featuring MUCH more in following posts. Can’t wait to share more!  





Making Varsity

Making Varsity

Letterman jackets may have made a comeback in fashion a couple of years ago, but if you notice, they don’t seem to be going anywhere, a fact that I’m perfectly okay with. The reason I’m drawn to them, as is the case with many, is that letterman jackets give us that nostalgic feel. Whether you earned your own back in high school or are shopping for one after the fact, (like me) a varsity jacket automatically gives off that “cool” factor that most jackets don’t!


I picked up this jacket from my favorite shop in Chicago, Una Mae’s of Wicker Park, a while back and I could not be happier with that decision. Between the rich red color, the stitched lettering or the fact that this jacket is it impeccable shape for being almost 60 years old, it’s one of my best vintage finds. It feels like I’m wearing a little piece of history every time I put it on. I always think about the story of Roger and his football team when I wear it.

It could be my obsession with Riverdale, but channeling the classic look of a letterman jacket like Archie makes me believe that a varsity jacket is a necessary fall staple! Like a bomber jacket, it’s a great stand alone statement piece but also adds instant personal style to whatever you’re wearing.


Lots going on as I prepare for my birthday, Thanksgiving and New York next week!

Stay tuned,


Photos: Callie Craig