Wrapped in Red

Wrapped in Red

Four days till Christmas, how in the hell did that happen? As we know, presents have been purchased are wrapped, but when it comes to other holiday actives, I’m coming up a bit short.


Everyone usually has at least one holiday party to go to, whether you’re hosting one, heading to a friend’s, or going to your work party, a good outfit is crucial. I  hosted a small get together earlier in the month, and then headed to my work Christmas party this week and made sure to have a holiday outfit lined up for each.


Although it is fun to wear the ugly sweaters, the light up ears, etc, this look is a more classic and modern taken on the red and green color scheme that most Christmas looks call for. I  love both of these pieces on their own, and was happy to see they could work well together for the holidays.

The red cotton shirt was an amazing sale find while I  was in London this summer. The deep crimson color works nicely as a pop of color. A similar style is here. It works well with jeans or in my case, dress pants.

I  saw these trousers at Oak + Fort, and knew that I had to have them. The olive plaid print with the black pipping down the side is a nice detail. Pants like these are a nice twist on any basic pair of pants for the office. They’re cut a bit short, so long boots with coordinating socks make sure I don’t loose height.

With an oversized scarf and camel coat over the look, I’m ready for whatever holiday activities are ahead. I hope everyone goes into the final push towards holiday with high hopes for a Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays,


Turtle Time

Turtle Time

If you can’t tell by my face in this photo, I’m OVER it, and by it, I  mean the fact that it’s back to snow flurries and decimal temps in Chicago. At this point, 3 layers, daily uber rides and a winter coat are all necessary to survive.

Another necessity this season for me has been turtlenecks. There are a few pieces I used to shy away from and turtlenecks were one of them. I  always felt like they looked better on slimmer frames, and as someone who is…. not slim, the idea of having something more body hugging and high at the collar seemed like a bad idea. As the temperatures have dipped, I’ve gotten over that and embraced them as a great alternative to the sweater and button up combo.


The loophole with turtlenecks is to find one that’s made of a comfortable material with a lower neckline! I refuse to wear an itchy wool turtleneck because all I’ll want to do is get home and rip it off. Mine is from H&M and has a shorter neck, making it a little more breathable.

Paired with a toggle coat of the same color (from TopMan), gives me a sleek and monochromatic look. Throw on a scarf in your favorite color or pattern to break it up if you’d like! Anyone loving turtlenecks this year, I feel like I’ve been seeing more of them this season than last winter.

Check back later this week for another post,


Photos: Callie Craig 



A Blue Christmas

A Blue Christmas

10 days till Christmas people, count ’em! As I’m sure most of us are, I’ve been busy planning for the holiday season, so I haven’t been able to sit down and get to posting until now. More holiday updates to come next week!

CallieCraigWAS111617-35Between the shopping, wrapping, tree-decorating and all things holiday, I’ve been trying my best to step up my daily style game. More layers are meaning more reasons to look good. Every year, I try to find that one holiday sweater that will perfectly tie me over from Thanksgiving to Christmas and then into New Years. Some years it’s more traditional, others it’s more of the “ugly sweater” variety, but this year it’s pretty simple.

Upon outlet shopping this baby blue sweater at J.Crew was begging to come home with me. I feel like this kind of powdery tone is usually better suited on blondes and never seemed to work for me. With my darker hair this time around, I felt like the color would pop.

I’m loving the combination with my camel coat and any pair of jeans. This icy blue seater would work perfectly with just about everything. I’m a huge fans of keeping it in the blue family with navy dress pants, or if you’re more adventuresome, trying it with white jeans.


Rotating your new favorite sweater into your winter wardrobe is a great way to get excited for the holidays. Here’s to my last weekend in Chicago before heading to the East Coast next week. I’m really looking forward to the holidays, aren’t we all?

Sweater: J Crew Factory Coat: Ralph Lauren Jeans: Levi’s  Belt: La Matera Boots: Frye

See you next week,


Photography: Callie Craig 

Camel Classics

Camel Classics

Every year it seems as though I know at least one or two people saying they’re in need of the perfect winter coat. I’m happy to report that I’m not one of those this year, with the help of the camel coat I purchased this past summer. *Seriously, one of my best shopping hacks is finding winer coats in the spring and summer at a huge discount.


This Ralph Lauren coat was just $99 in the middle of the summer and I’ve been thrilled to wear it all season long. Camel has really seem to become a fall to winter staple, almost becoming as neutral as charcoal grey or even navy. The minute I saw this hanging on the rack, I needed to take it home.

When it comes to camel, classics work best. In this look, a knitted white sweater and dress pants complete the look and allow the coat to be the focal point. When choosing to stick to solids, especially in the winter, textures are your friend. I’m loving these burgundy flecked dress pants because they’ve got a different finish than the typical trousers.


To add even more dimension, add your favorite patterned scarf to the look, it’ll pop on against the coat. Other details of the look include a Topman scarf, H&M sweater, and Frye Boots. You’ll be seeing a lot more of it as we head more into winter.


Photography: Callie Craig